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The warnings I am getting are:

Reflection warning, cognitect/hmac_authn.clj:80:12 - call to static method encodeHex on org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Hex can't be resolved (argument types: unknown, java.lang.Boolean).
Reflection warning, cognitect/hmac_authn.clj:80:3 - call to java.lang.String ctor can't be resolved.

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Hi Matt,

First, I'd confirm you are on the latest clj tools deps:

brew upgrade clojure/tools/clojure

Then can you let me know what version you are on with:

clojure -Sdescribe

If you still see it on the latest, could I see your java version:

(System/getProperty "java.version")

Brew failed with `Error: cannot load such file -- os/linux/glibc`.  I am on Windows subsytem for Linux.

Output of Sdescribe
    {:version ""
     :config-files ["/usr/local/lib/clojure/deps.edn" "/home/m0smith/.clojure/deps.edn"
 "deps.edn" ]
     :config-user "/home/m0smith/.clojure/deps.edn"
     :config-project "deps.edn"
     :install-dir "/usr/local/lib/clojure"
     :config-dir "/home/m0smith/.clojure"
     :cache-dir ".cpcache"
     :force false
     :repro false
     :resolve-aliases ""
     :classpath-aliases ""
     :jvm-aliases ""
     :main-aliases ""
     :all-aliases ""}

 clj -e '(System/getProperty "java.version")'
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