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I'm not sure if Windows is (or ever was?) a supported platform for Datomic On-Prem, but at the moment when I try to start a REPL, transactor, or peer server in any recent version I get:

"The input line is too long. The syntax of the command is incorrect."

My Datomic path is short (C:\Datomic). I'm guessing the error results from classpath.cmd trying to build a CP_LIST that comprises all 400+ files in lib, though this behaviour is consistent as far back as 0.9.5927, which only has 240 jars in lib; things work as expected in 0.9.5786 (which has 232 jars) and earlier.

I'd rather not use WSL/Docker etc. at this time - can anyone advise if there's a native solution that will allow me to use a version more recent than 2018?

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I've had this issue and come to the same conclusion on the CP_LIST. To save time, I dealt with the WSL implementation (which also didn't work until I learned to use instead of "localhost" for the host).

Hi Aaron, good to know! I'll try this and see how I get on.