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Is there a way to backup a datomic cloud instance to another aws account? I know that cloud is based on HA technology inside the AWS, (dynamo, s3, etc) but backups are important for business continuity. In the event of an attack, everything can be deleted within our aws account with one breach. I can make the tools to copy s3 items, it does not seem possible to import an existing s3 db into datomic.

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Hi J,

There is currently no backup solution for Datomic Cloud. Nor is there an ability to import from s3. This is an area we are very interested in providing a solution for and frankly has been an area the community has desired for a long time. We are actively working on features around this issue.

I want to clarify what Cloud does have:

All data in Datomic Cloud is stored in S3 (as well as other highly durable storages), which provides very high durability guarantees, making secondary data loss prevention (i.e. backup) unnecessary.

However, we understand that in certain circumstances it may be desirable to ‘roll back’ a database. Datomic Cloud does not yet include the ability to ‘revert’ a database to a prior state. Nor does it have the ability to move a database across system or across account. We are working on features in this area and while I cannot provide a timeline for the features I do want to say we understand the need you have expressed.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss operational concerns like this in Cloud I would be happy to have a call and you can reach me and our team at support@datomic.com to setup such a call.


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