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  • com.datomic/datomic-pro "1.0.6242"
  • transactor process 0.9.6045


Given the following transaction function definition.

 [{:db/ident :demo-fn
   :db/fn (d/function
           {:lang "clojure"
            :params '[db]
            :code '(set? #{:one})})}])

Execute the transaction function in two environments:

  1. A local environment
  2. An environment where the transactor runs in a separate process


Regardless of the environment, the return value of set? is consistent.


  • In a local environment, the function returns true - as expected.
  • In an environment where the transactor runs in a separate process, the function returns false.

Additional Notes

The data type of a set is different in the two environments,
clojure.lang.PersistentHashSet in local and java.util.HashSet in the other.

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Hello David,

Thanks for the question. Fressian serialization between tx and peer guarantees only the Java collection interfaces. We have updated the docs to include this detail.

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