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Until Mar, 2018 // 0.9.5697, datomic-free was uploaded to clojars/public maven repository.


It allow developers easily try/experiment/learn datomic on a clojure REPL, without need (download/unzip/try to figure out where to put on m2/do I need to install mvn command line ?!).

It also turn way harder to develop libraries/ecosystems (and run CI/tests against it) once public/free CI's don't have private storage.

These extra steps and turn "impossible" things like run inside docker, that many developers use on devsetup and is hard to explain why they can't try that cool new technology inside docker.

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Dev-local is the successor to datomic-free and is documented here and you can get the latest dev-local here.

Okay. So we can't do blog/demos/tutorials and/or use a container dev setup. In 2018 datomic was a great tool. Thanks
You can use dev-local in "in-memory" mode https://docs.datomic.com/cloud/dev-local.html#memdb.  Did you need something else @Enzzo?
I have noticed by the way that the Datomic API namespace is in the `com.datomic/datomic-free` and not in dev-local.
I don't really care about datomic peer/cloud.
My main point is:
- Clojure is a interactive language
- Datomic uses clojure as it main "console language"
- Do a clojure-dev-setup is hard for many reasons (harder in windows)
After build a clojure-dev-setup, this person will need to create a account in a website, receive instructions about m2. How do I setup edit my settings.xml in windows? I can't ./install. I'm using WSL!? WSL ²?! I give up.

Another scenario:
I did a small POC, with a few lines of code, that I wanna send to my team to convince then to use this new wiredo tech.
I can't. I simply can't. My PO know how to do a `docker-compose up` to see my POC app using OracleSQL. But he will not login/email/donwload/instructions...
Was there an announcement of this deprecation of datomic-free?