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It stands to reason that all transactions submitted (via datomic.api/transact) and transacted (demonstrated via deref) on a single peer would be included in all subsequent DB values obtained (via datomic.api/db) on the Peer, but I'd love to know if that is guaranteed.

For example, if a test transacts data resulting in some T, and the rest of the test only cares that it runs against a DB value with T' >= T, is the following sufficient?:

@(datomic.api/transact conn tx) ; T (let [db' (datomic.api/db conn)] ; T' >= T? ,,(do-something-with db')

Or is it strictly necessary to do:

(let [{:keys [db-after]} @(datomic.api/transact conn tx)] ,,(do-something-with db-after))

I know that the former tends to work, but I'm particularly interested if it's guaranteed to work.

I do understand that additional transactions from other threads / clients / etc. may have been included in db' in the first scenario, so I realize the code is not equivalent in the general case. I'm only concerned about tx having been transacted and included in the fetched db' value.

Thank you!

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