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I have deployed and used the ion-starter project. I see that I can have multiple databases and multiple connections all of which work.

But I fail when I try to create an ion from another project folder. the {:ion-dev "push"} appears to work but deployment fails.

Should it be a "new" stack? a different deploy group? Or for ions is there only one project folder that must be used for all ions for a datomic instance?

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Hi Phil!

When you create a primary compute group or query group, you associate it with a Code Deploy application. The :app-name in your ion-config.edn connects your code to a Code Deploy application and determines which compute groups you can deploy to.

If you are interested in deploying multiple Ions to the same "system" you could spin up a dedicated query group per app-name and deploy to those targets.


Thanks Jaret. I never would have gotten that