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Why do I get this message:

:db.error/not-an-entity Unable to resolve entity: :release/name 

when I run the query below in the "Movies" db in dev-local?

Here is the code:

(defonce client (d/client {:server-type :dev-local
                           :system "datomic-samples"}))

(d/create-database client {:db-name "movies"})

(defonce conn (d/connect client {:db-name "movies"}))

(defonce db (d/db conn))

(d/q '[:find ?release-name
       :in $
       :where [$ _ :release/name ?release-name]]

Many thanks for any solution!

1 Answer

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Hi! The error you are getting indicates that :release/name is not an installed attribute. From the snippet you shared it looks like you are creating your own DB. But I believe you might have meant to use the provided samples. To do that you need to download our samples zip and unzip into your :storage-dir. The link for the zip and instructions on unzipping the Datomic samples can be found here:


Let me know if you have any issues!

Many thanks Jaret, just saw your response. And happy new year BTW!