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Dev-local 0.9.229 does not appear to support :timeout when querying. Here is a repro.

(def client (d/client {:server-type :dev-local
                       :system      "example"}))
(d/create-database client {:db-name "example"})
(def conn (d/connect client {:db-name "example"}))
(d/transact conn {:tx-data [{:db/ident       :string
                             :db/cardinality :db.cardinality/one
                             :db/valueType   :db.type/string}]})
(dotimes [n 1000]
  (d/transact conn {:tx-data (map (fn [i]
                                    {:string (str n i)}) (range 1000))}))
  (d/q {:query   '[:find (pull ?e [*])
                   [?e :string]]
        :timeout 1000
        :args    [(d/db conn)]}))

The query takes longer than 1s and does not throw. I would have expected an exception thrown.

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