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Hi, I followed the operation instructions to delete two stacks (one Solo and one master Production).

After something like 1 hour, the CloudFormation Stacks dashboard reported DELETE_FAILED.

Also, I might have aggravated the issue accidentally. After something like 45 minutes I was creating another stack for our future use and while setting up its Security Group, I saw our old stack Security Groups and deleted them, thinking their deletion processes had forgotten to remove them, not realizing they were not done trying their deletions.

What's the next step to debug this issue?

Obviously we'd like to go fast on this, as there are real costs implied on keeping those stacks alive and unwell. Thanks!

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I delete the stack again. It will give you a list of resources that won't delete. Make a note of them and delete them manually.

This also didn't work, it led me to a cascade of sub-resources that could not be deleted, but eventually I understood that my account didn't have sufficient permissions to delete the stack, although I had sufficient permissions to create it in the first place...! Thanks
Finally even our Root account doesn't have the permissions to delete the sub-resources. We're kinda stuck!
I followed the cascade of undeletable sub-resources sufficiently deep to eventually delete the ones in cause, and then was able to get back higher up in the causal chain and delete those too. You were right in pointing out the way of the solution.
I will also add that what was important was to delete what manually created (as part of the Datomic Ions tutorial, there are API Gateway and VPC thingies that we must manually create, and must manually delete before being able to tear down the CloudFormation.)