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[{:line-item/amount -4463,
  :line-item/ordinal 0,
  :db/id "-1909"}
 {:line-item/amount 2900,
  :line-item/ordinal 1,
  :db/id "-1908"}
 {:line-item/amount -3001,
  :line-item/ordinal 2,
  :db/id "-1907"}
 {:db/id 17592186045435, :bank-account/line-items ["-1909" "-1908" "-1907"]}]

I wish to add additional lines items to an existing bank account. The :bank-account/line-items attribute had one line-item before the above was transacted. Afterwards it has four. Good so far! The problem I see is that the non :db/id attributes (ordinal and amount) have not made it into the Datomic database. Is there anything obviously wrong with the above?

A simple 'no, looks fine to me' answer will be a good sanity check for me!

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The transact is fine. And you can tell it is fine because 4 being returned. The fact that other attributes not being returned means there's either a problem with your query or your query is looking at the wrong db value.

The actual problem was 'wrong db value'.