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I would love to use Ions (and perhaps Datomic itself a little as well) to run a load-light application. It needs to have HA so Solo is not an option. However Datomic Cloud only runs with i3.large or stronger, for about $90/m (w/o Datomic license) in Ireland times two (since we need at least two instances for HA). There is no way I can persuade the team to go from its two t2.small (for 2$13) to i3.large. I understand the need for i3. to have fast SSD but for application with low load and little data that is not really needed. But it would be awesome to support also some "underpowered" instances for lighter applications and/or apps that are primarily interested in leveraging Ions as a way to deploy and run code, without heavy need for a DB.

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