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While trying to understand more about the behaviour of Datomic dev (mainly from a security/encryption point of view), I attempted to connect to datomic.mv.db from an instance of the H2 console. I accidentally tried to log in as "admin" with a blank password and was surprised when I connected successfully. Connecting as "admin" with any password fails, so it seems explicitly to be blank. As far as I can tell I only have public schema access and can't see any transacted data, but I am able to run SQL queries in the console.

Clearly a dev transactor isn't intended to be high security, but admin with a blank password seems risky even for a dev environment. In most SQL environments I work with, the sa/admin account is just disabled if not used. Am I missing something?

As an aside, does the dev transactor use H2's AES encryption or is the resulting data file unencrypted?

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