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Assume I have a schema.clj which contains my datomic schema.

Every time I start the application (in development and in production) this schema is transacted so whatever has been added gets correctly transacted too. Now, some time ago I installed a new attribute

{:db/ident :foo/bar ...}

now after a few weeks turns out that I want to rename this attribute :alice/bob.

Following the documentation of datomic i'm supposed to transact

{:db/id :foo/bar :db/ident :alice/bob}

but that clearly doesn't work in development as :foo/bar isn't yet defined when i start my system (the whole schema is transacted at once in the same transaction) but would work on a running system with the attribute already installed.

How do you handle these cases?

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I would suggest you look into https://github.com/avescodes/conformity, which helps you solve the issue by making the various norms dependent on each other, and probably saves you some time if you restart your environment often.

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