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I have read that Transactors require Java 8 – c.f. https://forum.datomic.com/t/java-11-0-1-ssl-exception/734.

In the Changelog (Datomic Free 0.9.5703) I have read that

Transactors [...] require Java 7 or
later. (Peers continue to work with Java 6 or later.)

and, as of 1.0.6165,

The transactor and peer now require Java 1.8 or greater,

while the Docs state that

Datomic requires the Java 8 JDK,

see https://docs.datomic.com/on-prem/getting-started/get-datomic.html.

Is Java 11 supported on Peers?

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Yes, we are committed to supporting and testing on the LTS (long-term support) versions of Java (8 and now 11). We will support and test with Java 17 the upcoming LTS release for 2021. That being said, other versions of Java will likely work with both transactors and peers, but we only support and test LTS versions.

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