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So I can use

[?entity1 ?attrname1 ?attrval]
[?entity2 ?attrname2 ?attrval]

in a :where clause to get ?entity1 and ?entity2 where there exists an ?attrval that matches

I'm using

  [(q '[:find (seq ?attrval)
        :in $ ?entity ?attrname
        :where [?entity ?attrname ?attrval]]
      db ?entity1 ?attrname1) [[?attrvals1]]]
  [(q '[:find (seq ?attrval)
        :in $ ?entity ?attrname
        :where [?entity ?attrname ?attrval]]
      db ?entity2 ?attrname2) [[?attrvals2]]]
  (not-join [?attrvals1 ?attrvals2]
               [(seq ?attrvals1) [?element ...]]
               (not [(contains? ?attrvals2 ?element)]))

to get ?entity1 and ?entity2 where all ?attrvals for ?entity1 exist for ?entity2. Is there a more performant way to do this??
(This feels like a directional "and" to the implicit "or" being applied to each attrval matching in the first case)

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