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The recommendation for enums in Datomic is to use :db/ident. Using :db/ident as an enum value complicates the use with d/pull. Everywhere you pull an entity, you'll need to write code to deal with the nested enum entity. For example, say I have a :user/type enum that is defined as suggested by that doc (card one, ref attr). Anytime I pull my :user/type attribute, I need to write code to unnest the :user/type value.

(d/pull (d/db conn) '[:user/type] [:user/id "a"])
=> #:user{:type #:db{:id 87960930222153, :ident :user.type/a}}

How are folks dealing with this? Just always wrapping the d/pull return with something like (update :user/type :db/ident)? Perhaps always remembering to specify the pull pattern for all enum attributes as (:user/type :xform my-ns/get-db-ident), where my-ns/get-db-ident is just (def get-db-ident :db/ident)?

I asked this question in the #datomic channel in Clojurians Slack and figured I'd move it here so it would persist. Other folks replied with some other ideas.

Tyler Nisonoff suggested a postwalk from every pull result. e.g.,

    #(match %
       {:db/ident ident} ident
       :else %)

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