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AWS has released several new instance types that are much better price per performance. It'd be great to have the Datomic query group template updated to support these instance types. The Datomic query group template currently supports the following instance types: t3.medium, m5.large, i3.large, i3.xlarge. Based on this, I propose the following additions:

  • t3a.medium (~10% cheaper than t3.medium)
  • m5a.large (~10% cheaper than m5.large)

If Datomic can run on ARM based processors then further additions can be made with even better price per performance (the new AWS Graviton2 processors are fantastic. Read about Honeycomb's success).

  • t4g.medium (perhaps also large and xlarge, ~20% cheaper than t3.medium)
  • m6g.large (~20% cheaper than m5.large)
  • r6gd.large (has NVMe based SSD, 26% cheaper than i3.large)
  • I4i (released 2022-04-28)

The Datomic Solo instance type could also be configurable for some inconsequential savings. See monthly prices below:

  • (Current) t3.small primary + t3.nano bastion: $18.90
  • t3a.small + t3a.nano: $17.15
  • t4g.small + t4g.nano: $15.33

An example Datomic query group monthly prices. Take a query group with 2 nodes running for the full month.

  • (Current) m5.large: $140.16
  • m5a.large: $125.56 ($14.6/month savings)
  • m6g.large: $112.42 ($27.74/month savings)

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