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The docs for the client api config state that you can choose :cloud as a server-type, along with :ion, but it doesn't say when I might want to do that.

I've looked through the Datomic Cloud Documentation site, but the only thing I could find that seemed related was from the Ions reference, where it says the :ion server type

allows you to write code that connects from your development environment to a Cloud system for dev and testing, and that can then be deployed to a running system with no code change.

When would I want to choose :cloud for the server type?


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A :cloud connection uses endpoint etc. to make a client-server connection.

An :ion connection takes the same arguments, but will ignore them if the code is running on a Cloud node, creating a client implementation that runs entirely in-memory on the current node.

You could use :cloud to force one Datomic Cloud system to connect to a different system.

That makes a lot of sense, thank you!