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I have a tuple constraint as follows:

#:db{:id 182,
 :ident :ps2st/product-set+style-tier,
 :valueType :db.type/tuple,
 :cardinality :db.cardinality/one,
 :unique :db.unique/identity,
 :tupleAttrs [:ps2st/product-set :ps2st/style-tier]}

This constraint is overly restrictive. I read somewhere that tupleAttrs can not be altered, so I'd like to remove the constraint instead and then create a new one with more tuple attrs.

How can I delete a constraint?

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Hi, you just need to execute retract attribute value:

(:db/retract :ps2st/product-set+style-tier :unique :db.unique/identity)
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I should also mention that I tried the following:

@(d/transact c [[:db/retractEntity :ps2st/product-set+style-tier]])

But I'm not sure what this error means:

Execution error (Exceptions$IllegalArgumentExceptionInfo) at datomic.error/deserialize-exception (error.clj:146).
:db.error/datom-cannot-be-altered Boot datoms cannot be altered: [:db.part/db :db.install/attribute :ps2st/product-set+style-tier 13194139571760 false]

What if you `[:db/retract :ps2st/product-set+style-tier :db/unique :db.unique/identity]` ?
It should keep the tuple and just drop the uniqueness
Thanks, Enzzo.   That worked exactly as expected and resolved my problem.  

I'm marking this "answer" as "best" b/c your comment is here.  If you want to put your comment in a separate answer, I can mark that one instead?
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Hi. Just adfitional info, you got error on an aytemt to retract the attribute because the datomin does not allow to remove attributes from db.

Thanks for the info!
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