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Currently there is no built in way to limit the results from a query. This puts the task on the user to limit the results by first querying for entity ids, limiting that number and then pulling the data.

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If you use the map-args of q (https://docs.datomic.com/client-api/datomic.client.api.html#var-q), you can both limit and offset the results:

(d/q '{:query '{:find [?id}
                :in [$]
                :where [[_ :ent/id ?id]]}
       :args [db]
       :limit 100
       :offset 35
       :timeout 60000})

limit - limit the number of results
offset - skip some results
timeout - milliseconds before giving up

If you looks at the top of https://docs.datomic.com/client-api/datomic.client.api.html then you can see them described. It took me sometime to work out how to pass them.

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