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I cannot get http-direct working. The AWS configuration consoles have changed and the tutorial does not appear to work.

Specifically: in the API Gateway->APIs->Create API creation I appear to have to choose between HTTPapi or RESTapi. Between the two, the tutorial appears to follow the REST Api route (before HTTP was an option apparently). If I do that, the load balancer does not show up as an option. The vpc links are created for either HTTP or REST. There is not a LoadBalancer for REST.

I have been able to work through getting a request routed to the LoadBalancer with the preconfigured 8184 listener but I get a Ion excution failed and I'm too far off the tutorial to understand what I need.

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Ugh! @phil Sorry that the screens have changed. I am going to need some time to reproduce what you are looking at to try to figure out what has changed and where you need to go. I think I probably have enough to go on here, but if there is any information you have not yet shared (perhaps because its not appropriate for this discourse) please feel free to forward into a support case at support@datomic.com.


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Thanks Jaret.  I have a working config now.  Tomorrow I'll post an "answer" with my steps which may or may not be the correct procedure and you can update or comment the official docs as you like.

Basically: create api with no routes or integrations, then create route and attach an integration with "create and attach" with  integration of type "Private resource"  and the rest seems logical from there