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I'm learning the Analytics Support of Datomic Pro. I have configured the Transactor, Peer Server, and Presto Server and ensured that they can run properly.
I am trying to use PrestoJDBC to query the content in the Datomic database through SQL statements. By reading the Datomic Pro documentation, I realized that I need to write a Metaschema file to implement this operation. But I didn't find any examples of Metasahema files on the internet.
So I would like to seek help information related to Metaschema file examples.If I misunderstood, please point out my mistake!
I really need your help in the short term!
Thank you!

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Hi OwlMoon0,

You can find more information on metaschema here: https://docs.datomic.com/analytics/analytics-metaschema.html

And The [etc-samples] directory includes a Metaschema file matching the mbrainz database. Here is the mbrainz meta schema file: https://github.com/Datomic/mbrainz-importer/blob/master/metaschema/mbrainz.edn

Let me know if this helped you.